Pheasant Phest
October 2019

Pheasant Phest is the perfect example of how one little idea planted in one person’s head, watered with a little conversation, efficient planning, community support and involvement can grow into a regional event.

In 2009, City Administrator Dan Madsen started talking to people and through his research discovered that nobody in the state had any kind of big celebration for the pheasant opener. So why not have it in Madelia? As a community of hunters for generations back, it is probably overdue that Madelia have a weekend celebrating the history and pageantry of Minnesota pheasant hunting.

Madelia, the Pheasant Capital of Minnesota has created a pheasant opener celebration that will draw people from across the state as well as the region. “There are 8,600 acres of public lands that can be hunted within a 20 minute drive of Madelia,” stated Madsen. “Why not stay where they know they can get great food and enjoy some great entertainment?”

In 2013, Madelia hosted the Governor's Pheasant Hunting Opener. Madelia is only the third city to host the event and by far the smallest. It is quite an honor for the community.

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